1. Guns produce crime, just like pens and pencils produce bad writing.

    If guns were banned in the United States, then you must live in Washington, D.C.

    A liberal robbed is a conservative first amendment supporter for life.

    Politicians who say “I have always supported the 2nd amendment may not be telling the truth, no matter what the 2nd amendment says, and whatever she says.

    Politicians who go hunting for the very first time during the presidential race should win a free trip to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

    Ghandi later expressed and regretted the disarming of his countrymen. Why do you think that was?

    Do not try to convince anti-gun politicians with small things like facts, crime statistics, social science statistics and the net effect of carry laws in the 40-odd states that now have carry laws. Logic and reason seem to have nothing to do with this process.

    Be safe in the knowledge that the Brady group is on the job, protecting our gun control rights.

    Really good gun control is using both hands.

    Please tell us, Parker and Heller, just why can’t you assemble your rifle and put a few cartridges in it in under 3 seconds, like the Mayor can? You folks give new meaning to the terms “you are on your own”.