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Thread: High-Tech Drones Joining Miami Police Force. Unmanned Aircraft System Will Help SWAT Units

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    MIAMI -- The Miami-Dade police department will begin experimenting with high-tech drones as law enforcement tools beginning next year.

    Although the military has been using unmanned aircraft systems for years, this will be the first time they are used in law enforcement.

    "We are aware it is a great responsibility. The FAA is looking at us to see if we can professionally manage this program," said Lt. Cliff Nelson of the police department's aviation unit.

    The flying camera is called a Micro Air Vehicle made by Honeywell. The MAV is remote controlled, unarmed and unmanned and can soar over 10,000 feet. (See the Micro Air Vehicle here.)

    Miami-Dade police said only licensed pilots with the aviation unit will operate the devices because the airspace in the county is so busy.

    Only the Miami-Dade police department and the Houston police department were given permission by the FAA to experiment with the drones.

    "The capability of the unit is phenomenal," said Miami-Dade Detective Juan Villalba.

    The unmanned aircraft will be used during SWAT team and tactical operations, especially when officers need video of a heavily armed suspect.

    The Miami-Dade police department has not yet taken possession on its drone, but the Houston police department has and is already conducting tests.

    Miami-Dade hopes to use grant money to pay for the MAV. Officials said the units are pricey. Depending on the complexity of the system, they can cost several thousand dollars to more than a million.

    Buttocks Sign Rejuvenates Neighborhood Cam BattleControversial Toilet Sign Considered Free Speech
    SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. -- An ongoing dispute between two Satellite Beach neighbors over an outdoor home security camera has been reignited by a homeowner's large buttocks sign placed in a yard.

    Edward Fleming initially installed security cameras at his house on South Patrick Shores earlier this year and apparently pointed them in the direction of a home belonging to neighbor Arthur Hendricks.

    Hendricks responded with a homemade toilet sign along his property line.

    "Personally, as long as he has his camera, this one and another one, pointing in our direction, he should be grateful all he is looking at is a toilet seat," Hendricks said after posting the sign.

    Brevard County code enforcement recently ruled that the toilet seat sign was protected free speech.

    Gary Penna, a code enforcement specialist, said the county's ordinances pertain to commercial signs and that county officials have very little control over non-commercial signs people place on their property.

    Now, Flemings told Local 6 News partner Florida Today that his neighbor has upped the ante by posting a large sign featuring a plastic buttocks.

    The buttocks sign also reads "Thinking of you."

    Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported that an e-mail from Fleming said Hendricks painted over the words on the signs but the toilet seats and buttocks remain up.

    Fleming said the homeowner's association president told him that it was going to take up legal action to have the signs removed, the report said.
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    I can see a good use for the drones if used to scout out the target of a raid... as long as police will persist in serving no-knock warrants, at least this would give them the ability (if they choose to use it) to make sure that, oh, they're not attacking an old lady. Unfortunately, I see a great potential for misuse...

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