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Thread: Big Brother Would Be Proud

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    A few weeks ago, O'Reilly was talking about Rosie Odonnel and when his "body language expert " said that she could tell from Rosie's body language that she believed what she was saying, Bill says,

    "O'REILLY: OK. She believes in everything she says. Isn't that the definition of a fanatic?"


    I know that anyone who doesn't like the government is a terrorist...FNC taught me that already. And I know we should all takeour nationalID cards and thankpapa government for keeping a close eye on us to make sure we don't get into trouble. But now, anyone who truly believes what they say is a fanatic. As opposed, I guess, to just saying what you're told?

    Good day, my fellow fanatical terrorists!

    "The Matrix" is a documentary. Deal with it.

    Here's the video. Of Course, Billo isn't a "fanatic" for claiming that people who disagree with the president should be put in prison. :quirky

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    So, you're either a fanatic, or you intentionally lie (at least on occasion)...

    That's great stuff... thanks for the laugh.
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