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Thread: Outrage of the Week! Brady’s Shamelessness—Will They Ever Learn?

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    Friday, November 30, 2007


    Brady’s Shamelessness—Will They Ever Learn? This week’s outrage comes, not surprisingly, from the Brady Center. You may recall back in May, we reported on the Brady Center prescribing its remedies for the horrific Virginia Tech slayings well before any of the facts were known. Not content to stop there, they even sent out an extremely distasteful fundraising solicitation seeking contributions in the amount of $32—one dollar for each of the Virginia Tech slayings.

    You’d think the Brady Center would have learned its lesson after being pilloried for this stunt by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine (among others), who said, “People who want to take this (the Tech shootings) within 24 hours of the event and make it, you know, their political hobby horse to ride, I've got nothing but loathing for them. To those who want to, you know, try to make this into some little crusade, you know, I say take that elsewhere. Let this community deal with grieving individuals and be sensitive to those needs.”

    Once again, though, the Brady Bunch has proven it has no learning curve.

    Unable to refrain from commentary in the wake of the murder of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, in a November 28 press release (, Brady President Paul Helmke once again looked into his crystal ball and prescribed the public policy solutions he promises would prevent similar, future shootings: “…Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales (emphasis added). We should ban military style assault weapons. And we should give our law enforcement agencies the power to stop trafficking in illegal guns.”

    Despite acknowledging at the outset of his remarks that “there are still many unanswered questions about the circumstances,” soothsayer Helmke apparently already knows how to prevent future criminal attacks, even though law enforcement is engaged in a high-profile, ongoing investigation to determine the facts of the case.

    If past is prologue, one can only expect a forthcoming plea for money from the Brady Campaign. This time, no doubt, for $21—Sean Taylor’s jersey number. For the sake of decency, let’s hope we’re wrong.

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    I'd like to request $2.5 million from the Brady campaign... one dollar for each defensive use of a gun every year

    Oh, it doesn't work that way?

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