Dec. 9, 2007, Letter to the Editor


Plenty of backbone
So the House Judiciary Committee tells Gov. Rendell to bring it on by allowing him to enter their chamber, testify, and force a full up-or-down recorded vote on three controversial gun control bills, and Russ Eshleman concludes that legislators have no "backbone" ["Profiles in discouragement," Dec. 2] because the bills failed?

Sorry you didn't get your way, Russ, but those pro-gun legislators showed backbone aplenty by facing down the governor and sending a loud and clear message that gun rights in Pennsylvania will not be further trampled on their watch.

It's time that Pennsylvania reverse course on gun control and join the majority of states, which are liberalizing their gun laws. And its also time for pundits like Eshleman to show some backbone when they lose a vote fair and square. They can borrow some from the House Judiciary Committee.

-Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of