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Thread: update on conceal carry at walmart findlay ohio

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    I talked to the store manager on the phone today. and he told me he was sorry the way his asst. manager handled this . I talked to him about ccw and oc and what the law was and he knew about he ccw part but was unaware of the open carry .

    i told him not to take just my word for it, i told him to look it up for himself. and he said he would and he also would inform his employee's of the law and next time the manager should come up and talk to the person instead of following them around.

    he also told me he had no problem with me cc or oc in his store. i did tell him that i have oc'd in his store before but in light of the crowd for christmas i have been only cc since the stores are crowded.

    and he also said next time someone says they are off duty leo the will check it out first since he was the one that started the whole thing .

    and sorry for the glob on the first list on this i was telling it in one breath

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    Good job. I glad you informed him or your concern of open carrying when the store is crowded.

    One down and how many more to go??

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