Came across this story, glad the mad got away with his life, thought it was too funny not to share.

Yahoo also has a video of it posted, couldn't get the link to it though, but it does show some footage of the actual ring itself.

JACKSON, Mississippi — Police say a Mississippi man's wedding band deflected a bullet and probably saved his life.
Two men walked into Donnie Register's shop at The Antique Market in Jackson on Saturday and asked to see a coin collection, police Sgt. Jeffery Scott said.
When Register retrieved the collection, one of the men pulled a gun and demanded money. A shot was fired as Register threw up his left hand, and his wedding ring deflected the bullet, police said.
"The bullet managed to go through two of his fingers without severing the bone," said his wife, Darlene Register. "A part of the bullet broke off and is in his middle finger. The other part is in his neck, lodged in the muscle tissue. But it's not life-threatening."
She said she gives God all the credit.
Police were searching for the robbers, who Scott said "stole a substantial amount of cash."