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    This is to introduce myself, MachoDuck, to you people who already seem to me like my friends. You've already helped me understand open carry in Colorado where my Washington CPL isn't recognized and where I probably would have been afraid to OC without the first hand experiences related on this board. A tip of the hat here to Denwego for his stories about OC on Planet Boulder.

    That said, there's a much more important reason for me to join you; the situation in Olympia. If it takes money for lawyers to fix the problem, then count me in. If it takes letters to certain officials, count me in (but not until there's a green light of some sort; I don't want to upset the applecart if indeed we have an applecart and not a snow job by Lt. Wilson.)

    While I used to mutter phrases about CC being tactically superior, and still do, I believe that we're in a situation, regarding RKBA in general, where OC is strategically superior. I see RKBA believers as having learned over the years to adopt many of the strategies of other interest groups. In fact, I believe that the gun-grabbers have awakened a sleeping giant. Because the giant isn't fully awake, we dare not back off or back down. The fight in Olympia will do more good than 100 letters to Patty Murray (as if she reads them).

    I see a get-together dinner in Olympia as a good step. I would love to meet some of you (I'm referring to those who come to the dinner, not that there's anyone whom I don't want to meet) and we all would probably find it informative. Hopefully Lt. Wilson will show up. We can all get a better take on his position face to face and conversely. I think that the ideal solution to the problem would be for certain officials in Olympia to realize that they've been acting as if Olympia were in Illinois.


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    I think I have the situation somewhat reigned it. I was happy to see Lt. Wilson not want me to address any city executives:celebrate Means there must be a reason to keep them out of the loop. I repeated my request, but forgot to mention the city attorney in the last one. Mainly I want either the mayor or the city manager in there. Plus Chief Michel. If I can sit down with those three men, I believe I will acomplish something. Bigwigs don't like being bothered.

    Darn. I don't deal with minions and underlings either

    I pass through Seattle a couple of times a month, may be meeting Stealth Potato up there next time through, would be happy to meet you as well. BTW, where in Colorado where you? I spent a few months in Grand Junction.


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