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Thread: Replies to McCloskey's cartoon "I'm Bubba, I'm the NRA"

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    If anyone wants to share their comments from the comic linked in today's VCDL news letter....

    Wow, this is some of the most ignorant, asinine garbage I've seen come out of this newspaper, and that's saying something.

    Apparently, someone pissed in McCloskey's Cheerios this morning, and he felt the need to take it out on someone in a rather childish manner.

    Who's the edior that approved this guy's work, anyway.

    With horse (droppings) like this, it's no wonder newspaper rates keep dropping. Why would I pay to see drivel like this?

    I then followed up on their Contact Us page with...

    Please thank Mr. McClosekey for ensuring I never make the mistake of subscribing to this newspaper.

    I would be terribly disappointed to know I was paying for insulting, discriminatory drivel such as this.

    If anyone has the guts to make a real, not canned or otherwise half-assed reply, I might actually be impressed.

    I think I'd be more amazed someone had the guts to say something, most likely.
    Oh, and mods, if this belongs in the VA forum, feel free to move it.
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    About cartoons...
    "All your bases are belong us" Post-modern ill literacy.

    And thank you for stealing my bandwidth illustrating another image (site) to block. A picture may be worth a thousand words so a nonsense-picture is a thousand words of nonsense and millions of bits wasted where a thousand may suffice.

    Either we are equal or we are not. Good people ought to be armed where they will, with wits and guns and the truth. LAB/NRA/GOP *******

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