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Thread: Church security

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    I saw this on another forum what do you think?

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    I don't think an armed guard at a church is really the way to go, not only is it not cost-effective but you only have one person there armed. If any number of church members carried, most likely there would be several armed individuals around at any given time...and probably they'd also be more motivated than a security guard, perhaps even better shots.

    To me it goes back to this issue: People, including church members, have to be responsible for their OWN personal protection, not rely upon others for same. If mostor all church membersdo not want to be armed -- because they believe guns are evil, God will protect them or for whatever other reason -- they take their chances like any other unarmed person does.

    I have no sympathy for or concern about people who will not make an effort to protect themselves. Even people of faith.

    As I have said, I do not see a Christian (in my case) carrying a firearm as a contradiction of faith.

    -- John D.

    (formerly of Colorado Springs, CO)

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