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Thread: my first encounter of the inquistive kind

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    i have been OCing every where i go for the past few weeks now. i had my first person question me about my firearm yesterday. me and a friend of mine were walking out of a local fish house with some lunch and an elderly woman approached me. this is how the conversation went.

    ew: is that a water gun?

    me: (slightly amused) no ma'am. it is real.

    ew: are you undercover?

    me:no ma'am. im a civilian.

    ew: (eyes wide) why do you have that then?

    me: so that i can protect myself and those around me should the need arise.

    ew: (thinks for a few seconds) that makes a lot of sense. there are some mean people in this world.

    me: yes ma'am there are. and i dont intend to allow them to hurt me or those that i care about.

    ew: you are a smart young man.

    me: thank you ma'am. have a nice afternoon

    i hope all the encounters i have will be as pleasant as this one but somehow i doubt that very much. over all though i think i handled it very well.


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    Great encounter. I have been open carrying for a few years now, and so far have not had a negative encounter except for once with a security guard at a Wal-mart in Raleigh. However, that was quickly put to rest by the manager that actually knew the law.

    Good to have another person out there carrying for our protection. Welcome to the fold.

    - Carry safe and often

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