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Thread: Is this worth trying to get an AG opinion?

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    I've just started OCing and not looking forward to not being able to when I go back home to Oklahoma. (stationed in AZ).

    On OCDO's frontpage Oklahoma is listed as a non-permisive state (which I agree it is). I've been looking over OK's statutes and found something:


    A. A person shall be permitted to carry loaded or unloaded shotguns, rifles and pistols, open and not concealed, and without a handgun license as authorized by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, Sections 1 through 25 of this act, pursuant to the following conditions

    1. When hunting animals or fowl;

    2. During competition in or practicing in a safety or hunter safety class, target shooting, skeet, trap or other recognized sporting events;

    3. During participation in or in preparation for a military function of the state military forces to be defined as the Oklahoma Army or Air National Guard, Federal Military Reserve and active military forces;

    4. During participation in or in preparation for a recognized police function of either a municipal, county or state government as functioning police officials;

    5. During a practice for or a performance for entertainment purposes; or

    6. For any legitimate purpose not in violation of the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971, Sections 1289.1 through 1289.17 of this title or any legislative enactment regarding the use, ownership and control of firearms (emphasis added) (whole thing)

    Now my personal opinion (and I'm sure others on this forum) is that myself and family's personal protection is a legitimate purpose. I really don't have much experience with this sort of thing and was wondering if anyone that does thinks it would be worth contacting my Rep and trying to get an AG opinion on this. Do I think if I he would even issue an opinion he would agree with me? Not really. But as it is it's not like OC is accepted at all in the state and it would hurt any. Either he say's no and I haven't lost a thing accept some time or he say's it legitimate and OK move's to either licensed or anomalous status.

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    Your family's protection is a legitimate reason, but it still is not covered under OK law.

    The AG will most likely tell you that they have an active Concealed Weapons law on the books for the purpose you mentioned.

    You are out of luck with OK and open carry as of right now.

    Side note. I am often in SW OK, west of Lawton. I open carried for a couple of years down in the boonies and small towns where everyone knows everyone. I even spoke with the town Police Officer on a handful of occasions. At no time did I realize I was doing something illegal until earlier last year when my interest in firearms laws piqued and I did some reading.

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    Without digging into the code, I would imagine that section encompasses people open carrying on their own property or business and licenced armed guards.

    Oklahoma is slowly coming to their senses. It was only a few years ago they changed from 25 to 21 to get a CCW permit.

    If its one thing I learned living in Oklahoma for nine years is that nothing changes quickly. The second thing is that the legislature in OK are the biggest bunch of windbags you will ever find in politics.

    Your best bet would be to get a OK resident CCW permit once you move back and work with the other OCDO'ers to try to get ballot initiatives passed etc...

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    I'mnot well traveled, but have been through OK and TX. I was surprised to find that both had firearms laws that went so contrary to my memories of these states and how I picture them in my mind's eye. I guess perception isn't always reality. Good luck to you all.

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