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Thread: Are you "substantially likley" to harm yourself or others?

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    We need to see the details of the bills, but this change could have major implications to our liberties.


    Kaine also called for changing the criteria for involuntary commitments,
    making it easier to detain individuals who present a danger to themselves. At
    least 18 states have taken similar steps since 1999.
    Kaine's proposal would change the current standard from "imminent danger" to
    "substantial likelihood" of causing harm to themselves or others. Attorney
    General Bob McDonnell joined Kaine in supporting the revised standard.

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    Safety is a tyrant's tool; no one can be against safety.

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    Anybody that gets pissed off at stuff like this could be deemed as such.I don't trust them as far as I can throw'em.

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    Unless it's SB 18 (which does not sound like it) it has not yet been introduced. See all the bills pre-filed to date.

    Is it possible for Kaine to accomplish any of this through changes in the regulations of the state MH/MR/SAS system? I'm not sufficiently up on that area to venture a guess, but I seem to recall that involuntary commitment is fully controlled by 16.341 et. seq.

    stay safe.

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    Doug Huffman wrote:
    Safety is a tyrant's tool; no one can be against safety.
    Doug, just think of the children for once!

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    Hey, I have libertarian blood in my veins, and I have a distrust of government that borders on paranoia ( I thinka bit ofparanoia is good when dealing with the government).

    I don't see the danger in this story. Virginia's mental health system has many problems. These mental health system problems were part of the reason that the VT tragedy happened.

    They are fixing it, and have not yet introduced legislation to grab our guns or restrict our gun rights. This is good!

    P.S. - for those of you that are more paranoid than me and think that this new legislation will be used in a tyrannical way to oppress us in the future, remember:

    1. Any law can be twisted and used for evil.

    2. I have a 30-06 solution for tyrants. That is what the 2A is really for, isn't it?
    He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to see. Pancho & Lefty

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