I posted a video on this thread(it's really good by the way...watch it!). Thevideo led me to a websiteabout a man who was just convicted for owning firearms in Canada without a license.

The story is, he purposely let his license expire and then went around Canada trying to get an officer to arrest him. His case is that the Rights of English Protestants to bear arms was established in ... the 1700's I think? Catholics already had the right to bear arms. When Canada formed its own constitution in the late 20th century, the Canadian Constitution said that all rights that Canadians had had as English citizens, the would retain as Canadian citizens. So, he's challenging the requirement to register firearms on that basis.

He says that a citizens should not have to prove he is fit to exercise a right (i.e., he shouldn't have to prove he is capable of owning a firearm). On the contrary, the government should have to prove that you are NOT fit to exercise your rights. The burden of proof should not be on YOU to prove you can exercise your rights, it should be on the government.

He has no crimnal record.

When he finally was arrested, the government did what they always do: they smeared him. They said he had dynamite (he lived on a farm, it's normal farm stuff) and hand grenades (it was a paper weight, not capable of being used). The media, of course, ran with it all. They also said he was a trafficker.

He went to trial and the trial judge rejected his arguments. The jury convicted him of owning guns without a license (but not of trafficking or the other ridiculous charges). The government of Canada has seized their house (under the same type of freedom-hating "tough on crime" laws we have in the USA (see here)).

They have a website about it and are funding their case through donations: http://www.brucemontague.ca

What a brave, brave patriot.If only the world had more people like him, we might still be free. I'll probably be sending a donation after Christmas.