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Thread: Uncle Mike comes through at last

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    After going by the catalog recommendations for years and resigning myself to an almost-fit nylon holster (size 15 for large-frame semi-autos), I had forgotten my usual holster and grabbed one off the shelf here as a substitute. The size 16 ("Sidekick" model) fits like a glove, has a metal belt/waistband clip so I don't have to thread it through my belt, a thumb break/buckle for retention (that doesn't get it the way if you leave it unfastened), and also a spare magazine holder. Could be love...


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    I have one of these I use for my Ruger P89, I like it, although it is a bit bulky... Would like it better without the metal clip. Local fuzz even with my cooperation had a bit of a time getting the gun out of the holster, so am happy with retention.


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    I have a couple of those cheap "Bulldog" brand (China?) holsters for my Beretta 3032 and 21A...pretty nice considering the low-end prices.

    They look a lot like the Uncle Mikes Sidekick line and have the spare mag pocket also.

    -- John D.

    (formerly of Colorado Springs, CO)

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