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Thread: Brady Bunch is Scared that Heller (Parker) Could Create "Special" Rights

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    Like I said, this is not the most amazing or thought provoking video in the world, but if you're bored it's a good way to pass time. Plus the comments sections of these videos are still enabled!

    Jon Lowy, Brady Lawyer, Discusses the "bad" things that could come out of Heller:
    What effect could the Supreme Court's decision have on banning assault weapons and banning high capacity ammunition magazines?

    It's good to know that we have them scared. Here is another video that show how scared the Brady Bunch is of the gun "lobby." They obviously know which side has the power...

    "Our gun laws are too weak as is"
    Outcomes of the Supreme Court's decision on the 2nd Amendmen[t]

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    I like his statement right after the "Our gun laws are too weak as is"

    Second Video.

    "In almost every state of the country, someone can go into a gun store. And if they pass the background check they can buy a hundred, a thousand, all the handguns they want."

    You said it right there a ugly shirt wearing lawyer. IF YOU PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK!

    I wish i could afford every handgun i wanted.

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    Posted my how it's voted at 1 star right now. What a bunch of jokers.....

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