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December 20, 2007 12:00am

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A CHRISTMAS catch-up at a Rushcutters Bay bar began with a shotgun in the face for MTV host Darren McMullen this week, after the prankster literally fell into a frightening armed robbery.

Meeting a friend for a drink about 11.30pm on Monday, The Lair presenter was confronted by balaclava-clad bandits making good their escape with a safe and the takings from a nearby massage parlour they had just robbed. But guns are banned, that should have stopped crime, right?

Having just parked his Vespa outside a set a shops opposite Key Largo Bar & Bistro, on Bayswater Rd, McMullen told Confidential he then ran straight into one of the three masked gunmen. Well, if you drive a Vespa, you almost deserve to got shoved to the ground! I'm kidding, you anti-gun bloggers!

"I was about to have a go for nearly knocking me over, until he shoved a shotgun in my face and told me to get down," McMullen said yesterday.

Stunned by the bizarre encounter, McMullen said he was all but laughing as he was forced onto his knees, while the robbers lept into a silver Mazda and sped off into the darkness.

"The whole time I was thinking there were cameras rolling and half-expected Ashton Kutcher to jump out and scream, 'Punked'." The MTV crowd must live really different lives than I do, because the show "Punked" is the last thing on my mind if a shotgun is shoved in my face.

But the serious incident quickly descended into farce, as McMullen said he followed the sound of crying women into an anonymous shop front, where he discovered, "half-naked women and men in suits trying to pull themselves together after being robbed".

"The police were there within five minutes, which clearly surprised a few of the (establishment's) customers.Luckyfor the customers, no one was shot, because 5minutes for the police to arrive is5 minutes too late to prevent a crime.They were there for a happy ending, but ended up with a shotgun in the face instead."

A police spokeswoman confirmed yesterday Kings Cross detectives were "continuing their enquiries into the matter and no arrests had yet been made". Somehow, I'm not really shocked by that.