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Thread: Deadly Force Laws in TN

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    What is the deadly force laws inTN for:

    1- Homeowners

    2-In public places

    3-In hotels

    4-In a vehicle

    I'm familiar with SC very well, but over the years the laws kinda blend together.

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    You do not have to retreat anywhere.

    In places 1, 3 & 4 the laws presumes you to be in fear of great bodily harm or death if the intruder forcibly and unlawfully enters those places and can use deadly force.

    In publicas long as you are "reasonably" in fear of great bodily harm or death you could use deadly force.

    You can see the TN self defense (castle doctrine) here T.C.A. 39-11-611

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer or work in any capacity in the legal field the above is my lay interpretation of the law and is offered as such and should not be taken as direct advise for any course of action!

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