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    I did not speak to him directly but said it is illegal. I spoke to my mother about OC since she knew the wife of the Public Safety Officer for the city of Wilmington and asked her to get in contact about OCing. She was told it is not legal to carry a weapon open or concealed without a permit to carry. What's up with this, do we need permits to OC?

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    From the Wilmington website:

    Department of Public Safety
    [/b]James N. Mosley, Director [/b]

    The Department of Public Safety ensures the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Wilmington. The department is comprised of three divisions: emergency management; police; and fire.

    Department of Emergency Management

    The Office of Emergency Management coordinates the efforts of all city departments and the at-large community to ensure that city officials are prepared to respond quickly and effectively should disaster strike.

    Department officials also maintain and administer the Wilmington Emergency Operation Plan, mandated by federal government to receive relief funds for disaster. The team works hard to keep communications networks, transportation systems, infrastructure facilities, and vital public goods and services flowing to residents and businesses in the city when emergencies occur.

    not too sure of the role of a public safety officer. none of the above has any say. the police only enforce the law, read the code, state and city and it's easy to see that this person is FOS.

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    Many people, including those actually IN law enforcement, don't even know the freakin' laws in Delaware. Someone in the DSP actually told me that if I OC, I'd be arrested and my gun confiscated unless I have a CCDW permit. But I think we know better. Duh.

    I've spoken w/ people IN the Attorney General's Office, New Castle County Police, Delaware State Police,and the Wilmington Police, and they all said OC is lawful in DE, but you can expect some "trouble" from LEO's depending on who sees you OCing. TheDSP people seem to be the most against OCing by the public. The NCC Police seemed to be the friendliest on the subject. IIRC, the Wilmington Police just said they'd go w/ whatever the AG office says (which, of course, ALL LEO departments should do, since the AG is the chief LEO for the State).

    No, you don't need a permit to OC. Just be careful WHERE you OC, and how you act. If you do it right, no one will even notice.

    Good luck! I've only OC'd twice so far, but have had zero comments, questions, or problems.
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