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Thread: just a few questions

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    im new to the wholefirearm scene so i have a few questions. ive shoot firearms before but this is my first time owning one. any help would be much needed

    1. can you carry a loaded gun in georgia?

    2. is there any type of outlawed ammo?

    3. what is the proper way to let an officer let you know that you have a weapon in the car with you

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    1. Yes, so long as you have a Georgia Firearms License, or are otherwise legally carring IAW State law.

    2. Centefire ammunition of over .50 caliber is prohibited, as is "armor piercing", I believe. Hollowpoints, expanding ammunition, etc is okay.

    3. Generally we thrust it out the window and wave it around.:shock:
    Okay, I was kidding there. Georgia does not have a "must inform " law, so you have the chice of informing or not. If it was me, and I was open carrying (so that it was going to be seen), I'd probably hand over my GFL at the same time or otherwise inform the officer ( I have an aversion to having Glocks screwed into my ear).

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