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Thread: OC in Tukwilla and Renton - uneventful

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    This was probably my first real OC. I was at the meeting in Olympia but that doesn't count. Yesterday I took the wife and grandma out for some last minute shopping at Walmart in Renton. I decided 'what the heck it is Christmas,I can deal with a little hassle'. So I strapped on my Beretta 380 and we went shopping. Not a comment. Honestly I do not think anyone even noticed. We spent over an hour in the store and I never got to use any of the dialogue I had prepared. So far so good.

    Next we went to lunch at Wendy's on hwy99. I think that is still in Tukwilla. I sat in the isle on the end of a booth table. So people had to walk around me. When a patrol car pulled into the parking lot I began to prepare myself. I warned my wife that the police might ask me some questions so be ready. But nothing. They didn't even come in. No one paid any attention or mentioned the gun. All in all I would call my first OC a good experience.

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    Glad to hear you first OC experience was uneventful. I also openly carried quite a few places around Christmas and didn't have any problems.

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