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Thread: CSGV: Closing the gun-show "loophole" would force criminals to register their guns...

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    The following are two videos, created by ProtestEasyGuns, of interviews with Ladd Everitt the Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. I thought you would find them interesting as to the mentality that the anti-gunners have towards us. Especially the second video where Everitt implies that Gun Shows are breading grounds for Nazi sympathizers!

    This is the basic anti’s argument for closing the gun show "loophole." It’s funny how their whole premise is based upon the idea that criminal are going to voluntarily submit to a background check!

    Can police track down a murderer from the crime gun?

    Closing the gun-show "loophole" would force criminals to register their guns and it would help law enforcement to trace the gun to the criminal. Micro-stamping would also help...
    In this second video Everitt takes a trip to a gun show. He is "concerned" with the amount of Nazi paraphernalia present. He indirectly implies that gun owners accept and even encourage this anti-Jewish "literature!" It’s funny that he forgot to mention the vast amount of other WWII collectibles, or even the Confederate or Union "paraphernalia" that also adorns gun shows in the area…

    Description of a visit to a Gun Show in the United States

    And it’s clear that the man buying a gun [from a private individual] could have been a convicted felon or a domestic abuser, or prohibited under federal law for several other reasons...
    Another thing I think I would be concerned most Americans have never attended a gun to themselves is the amount of Nazi paraphernalia present. It was everywhere. They were selling Nazi replica posters, actual Nazi helmets, guns, and knives that were used by Nazi soldiers, I saw some "literature" on Jews from the period of WWII that were produced by Nazi’s, and other things are really quite disturbing to me....As I walked around the show with that [Hitler] poster, which I really wanted to buy just as evidence that this sort of thing is being sold, no one so much as batted an eyelash at me. I was convinced that someone would say something to me about it.
    BTW, the comment section of these videos are activated.

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    Added my comment and rated the video, both expressed MY opinion on the piece......

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