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Thread: Border crossing

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    I live near Sandpoint, ID and work in Newport WA. After reading the info on this site see below)I realized that I cannot carry in my car once I cross the border into Washington. Does this mean I can't carry on my hip or in my console or both? Do I have to unload every morning and reload every evening?

    Thanks in advance!


    Washington is an open carry state. However, the practice is not common due to serial misinformation about the legality of it among law enforcement. There are significant efforts by members to educate the law enforcement agencies, you may see the progress on the state forum. You are also not allowed to carry a loaded handgun in your car unless you possess a concealed pistol license

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    While you are in Newport, run up to the Sheriff's office and get your Washington State License to Carry Concealed. No classes required, just fill out a simple form then give them your fingerprints and $60. I've had mine for 6 years and it is honored in WA, ID and MT.

    If you have a significant other who is 21 or more, bring them along and get them licensed as well. I open carry most of the time, but having the CC license let's me relax about carrying in a vehicle, does my coat cover it, etc. Having the other person licensed covers them if you ever have to leave your weapon in the car with them.


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