4. Massengill fruit falls near tree, calls for gun ban at public meetings.

Thanks to Corey Allen for the info:


"Just wanted to shoot you an email about an article in the Dinwiddie Monitor last week. The county administrator wants to find a way to ban guns at public meetings for the school board and board of supervisors that are held in the county administration building. This building is not part of a school at all.

And here is the best part: the County Administrator is none other than the son of VT shooting panel chairman Gerald Massengill."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there people here that have carried, OC or CC, to meetings and places such as this?

The same can be said for the daily carry that many of us do. In fact, it HAS been said repeatedly. "Ice breaker", "to educate others".

Isn't carrying a way to state our support for the Second Amendment and the rights it protects? A form of speech, if you will.

Could actions such as these be considered a way on the First and Second Amendments?

Just some random thoughts I had waking up this morn- afternoon.