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Thread: Armed citizen stops armed robber

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    Indianapolis - It was a busy night Monday at Buck's IGA on the 3000 block of South Meridian Street. "Charlie," who didn't want his image or name used with this story, was in line to check out.

    A man police later identified as Dwain Smith reportedly ran into the store wearing a ski mask and yelling.

    Cashier Dianna Brooks repeated what she says she heard. "I heard the guy say 'give me all your money' and the next thing I heard was stacy saying 'somebody help me.'"

    Charlie says he responded immediately. "When I heard it I automatically took mine (gun) out." And Charlie says he was ready to act. "If he had raised it (gun) up yes I would have shot him."

    According to police reports, Smith jumped over the counter demanding the cash. Charlie pulled his gun and started for the commotion.

    "He was turning against the other woman. He didn't actually see me coming up at first and then when he did, he turned around and I yelled at him to put down his weapon," Charile explained.

    "(The) next thing I know is Charlie is jumping over the, uh, courtesy booth into the courtesy booth," said Brooks.

    Charlie says was face to face with the suspect. "He just stare and looked at me for a minute. I cocked it back and then, all of a sudden, he laid it down on the counter and put all the money down."

    The suspect gave up the money and his gun and took off his mask. The people who work at Buck's say the suspect has been casing the place for days.

    When police arrived, Charlie had the suspect on the floor. "(I) just held him until the police got there. (I) put my foot in his back and the gun to his head."

    Dwain Smith is now in the Marion County Jail facing several charges.

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