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Thread: the Next Ron Paul "Show of Strength"

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    Now is the time to rise...

    On January 21st, 2008..

    This January 21st, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, we act together to support Dr. Ron Paul, a new hero who fights for the same American principles of liberty and justice for all.
    We donate together.

    Just $10 (as a vote for Ron Paul) from as many supporters as possible. Our goal is for hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters to join together, in a show of strength to "fight the polls"!
    We march together.

    This is our day to blanket the streets with the message of liberty. Our goal is to make every city look like the White House lawn of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

    March through your cities and towns, contact your meetups for more information and make this day a day for freedom.

    Please pledge to donate $10 and/or to march for freedom in your town or city on January 21st.
    Please pledge now. Please spread the word. Thank you.

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    Sounds good. I missed the last major donation day, so I'll make sure to hit this one. Maybe I'll be able to get my parents in on it, as they've become Ron Paul supporters after watching him on Glenn Beck the other night.

    ETA: :celebrate

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