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Thread: 2008 VA General Assembly Opens with Attacks on Preemption!

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    This is also discussed in the latest (1/4/08) VCDL VA-Alert, and will be one of the topics of discussion at the 1/16/08 VCDL meeting at the Tuckahoe Library in Richmond (OK, really Henrico County).

    Basically you are looking at whingers who want to try to buck statewide pre-emption because they have had ther hats handed to them repeatedly when they try to violate existing law or make up new municipal codes on the fly.

    Still, it is no reason not to communicate with your Delegate and Senator to inform them of your desire for them to vote against the bills. Check to see what committees they sit on - it might come before them even if they are not on the Courts of Justice or Militia/Police/Public Safety committees. (For example, Del D. Jones thinks he might get a shot at them in his Counties, Cities & Towns committe and Sen. H.L. Marsh III feels they might be referred to his Local Government committee. My letters to them informed them that I would be highly displeased if such came about and how they could no longer count on my support if that happened. (Lucky for me they think I support them.:P)

    stay safe. See you at the Tuckahoe Library & on Lobby Day.

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