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Right to Carry Guns Reported by: Dan Wells
Thursday, Jan 3, 2008 @11:12pm EST
Here's a question for you...would you feel uncomfortable...if someone had a loaded handgun on their hip in plain view?

Tonight, more than a dozen people...who do have guns in their possession, met at a Millcreek restaurant to say you shouldn't be afraid...and it's your right to bear arms.

According to PA Pennsylvania, any law-abiding resident 18 and older can carry a loaded handgun on their hip in plain view.

"our motto is a right un-exercised is a right lost...and so our exposure to the public is extremely important to allow people to know good guys do carry fire arms" - Steven Pfiste

"this is just to show there are people who do care about there protection and the protection of others." - Steven Pfiste

In Pennsylvania carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit, issued by the Erie County Courthouse, but no permit is required to simply have a gun in the open.

"speaking as a woman...It's very important for me to protect family and my property" - Michelle Harris

"people that don't carry or just are completely opposed to it look at us like we have 10 we're crazy gun nuts...we don't shoot up schools...malls." - Michelle Harris

"a lot of people like to reference in their articles...everyone's packing gives it a gangster status but that is not the case." - Steven Pfiste

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