Well, I'm sure we'll be finding out more and more places where you either see "no firearms" signs posted, or owners telling you to "get out" or "put that in your car," orplaces where it's unlawful to carry in the first place (as stated in the Delaware Code, etc.)... So, I wanted to start a written listso others will know, too.

Places I've seen "no firearms" signs:

United States Post Office (federal property, no guns for sure. Be careful - the "no guns" sign isINSIDE the building - not on the outside doors! So if you're carrying and read the sign while standing in line, you're already in trouble.)

Regal Cinema Theaters (box office windows specifically have a "no firearms" sign, which specifically includesboth open and concealed firearms. I've seen the signs atRegal Brandywine Town Center 16 on Brandywine Parkway, and Regal Peoples Plaza Cinema Stadium 17. Also, the State Police Troopers usually have a car there,so they'll be watching you).

Please add your "no guns" businesses and places here, too! Thanks!