Marshall to run for U.S. Senate
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Robert "Bob" G. Marshall, a state delegate since 1992, officially tossed his hat into the ring to run for U.S. Senate, he announced on Monday.

Marshall, a Republican representing the House of Delegate's 13th district, is a conservative politician on many issues -- including abortion - and his posture on those issues is critical for a Republican to win in Virginia, he said.

In 2007 Marshall introduced a bill, although unsuccessful, that would have banned abortions in Virginia if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision. It's a tough stance like this - not one that is held by his opponent, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore - that Marshall said would resonate in the minds of Republican voters. Gilmore's campaign staff told the Associated Press that Gilmore believes abortions should be allowed through the first eight weeks of pregnancy.

Marshall and Gilmore will face off in a May 31 Republican convention in Richmond. The winner of that convention will run against Democrat and former Gov. Mark Warner, who is so far unopposed for his party's nomination.

They are running for the seat that became vacant in August when Republican Sen. John W. Warner announced he would not seek a sixth term.

Marshall is already building an arsenal to attack Warner, who began his gubernatorial term in 2002, directly after Gilmore served his four years as governor.

Marshall said his six years as a staffer on Capitol Hill and his 16 years in the House of Delegates give him the legislative experience necessary to operate as a U.S. Senator.

"People know me for having led on things like the marriage amendment, the right to life and home schooling," he said in a telephone interview on Monday.

During his announcement speech in Richmond, Marshall said he would push for such issues as protecting life of all children from conception, "understanding that taxpaying citizens are not bottomless ATM machines for government," keeping jobs in the U.S. as opposed to shipping them overseas, attacking the federal debt, and "recognizing that American and Allied troops have won the war and Iraqis must now win the peace."

He also cited a need to aggressively fight for U.S. energy independence and for increasing private sector jobs instead of government bureaucracy.

"I know that our rights come from the hand of our Creator, that government derives its just powers from the people expressed through their elected representatives, that the purpose of government is to protect our rights, and that government leaders must be the people's servants, not their masters," Marshall said.

Visit Marshall's campaign Web site at bobmar