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    I live in the Sault Sainte Marie area, and am looking for local people who live in or near the Eastern Upper Peninsula to form an Open Carry Group much like those found in the virginias and NH. The point of the group is to have occasional meetings to discuss local politics, and gun rights; to make the public more aware of their rights; and to provide an additional crime deterent in the area. Meetings will be conducted in a very relaxed and open manner via park picnics, and community cleanup projects.

    I am forming this group myself with a few other people, and plan to have the first meeting around late May, early June time frame.

    Anyone interested can email me at

    You must be 18years of age, a Michigan resident, and legally capable of bearing arms.

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    mr. louismacote,

    Not in your area, but probly closer then anyone else, lol. If you are ever up in the Houghton/Hancock area, I'd be glad to take an open carry walk with you. I do pass through and sometimes an overnight stay in that area though on my way to the metro Detroit area, perhaps I'll shoot you an email then, although prolly not for another year or so, jsut got back form a conference and vacation a couple months ago.


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    louismacote wrote:
    You must be 18years of age, a Michigan resident, and legally capable of bearing arms.
    Do you really need to add that? What about children of members. In our get togethers in the southern part of the state we encourage the kids and spouses, GF's, etc. to join in. We have also had people from Indiana join us. We have had people that don't openly carry the first time, and cometo just check it out (see others openly carrying) or learn more about open carry. Just wondering.
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