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    David Nelson wrote:
    Clark did well tonight during his interview with "Cam & Company" on He explained the matter of the Salt Lake City International Airport signs that illegally ban weapons generally at the airport.
    Strictly speaking, the signs do NOT ban weapons. Nor are the signs illegal, near as I can tell. They simply carry no legal weight and do not actually constitute nor impose a ban on guns.

    Its kind of like jury nullification. The judge can lie to a jury and tell them they must follow his instructions and apply the law as he explains it. But the reality is, once the jury room door is shut, the jury can acquit for ANY or no reason at all and there is NOTHING the judge can do about it.

    I've looked and can't find any statute preventing either private or government entities from posting signs saying most anything they want. Probably something we should address in the legislature some time soon.

    Don't get me wrong. The signs need to be moved to the proper location. Then if SLC wants to post a warning outside that there are PORTIONS of the interior that are off limits to weapons, maybe not a bad idea. But let's be honest and accurate in how we communicate, at least with ourselves. Sound bites to the biased, liberal, anti-gun media and the too often unthinking masses may require a little more latitude.


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