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Thread: "No guns allowed" signs???

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    I have searched and other then finding the "jim crow law" arguement and not being a gov't building which is legal to secure your weopon not on person... Can I LEGALLY walk into a store that has such sign and not worry about it unless PERSONALLY ASKED by an emplyee/employer to leave due to my firearm since not leaving would be trespassing at that point

    To walk into a store with a "no firearms" sign or not WHILE OCing

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    In Virginia the judges will find you guilty of trespassing!

    A sign displayed is not there to kicks. The sign posted is your OFFICIAL notice that some activities are not allowed. This does not mean you can disobey the sign and do "whatever" until someone comes and verbally tells you to leave.

    A sign displayed that says "No Firearms, skateboards, or engine repair" means just that. YOU CANNOT DO IT HERE!!!!

    The same goes fora sign that says"No Trespassing." It does not meanyou are allowed to walk on the persons property till they catch you.

    No firearms = No guns on the property while you are here

    No Trespassing = No being on the property at all

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