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    Looking for data, been googling, but curious if someone can help me out.

    Looking for statistics police officerresignation in lieu of prosecution for crimes committed.

    Anyone with ideas? I looked at thefbi site with no joy.

    Best guess is that these numbers wouldnt be publicized much, but am curious if someone has a source.

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    Virginia Dept of Human Resource Management (VDHRM) probably has the data, but I'm not sure how you will get it (as in how it may be broken down). Best suggestion is to contact them (phone is better than email) to find out what they have & how you can access it.

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    This is information that will likely be protected by personnel rules.

    You might get it at state level, without names, perhaps, if you're researching under the tutelage of a respected professor at a university, for instance, but it's likely not going to be available, except anecdotally, elsewhere.

    You might also try the National Association of Chiefs of Police (I think that's their name; I can't verify because I'm having computer line issues) in Alexandria, VA.
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    cdpmaster wrote:
    SNIP Anyone with ideas? I looked at thefbi site with no joy.
    Keep hunting. Don't be too surprised if none turns up.

    Essentially what you're asking is a statistic that would not be a public record. By this I mean, since there was no prosecution, there won't be court records. Resignations are a personnel matter. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act exempts many, maybe all, personnel file contents from disclosure. 2.2-3705.1(1).
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