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Thread: My First OC Experience!

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    Hey everyone.

    Well I OC'd for the first time Sunday in Ruidoso. Being from Texas I don't have the option to OC so I decided to go over to New Mexico for a day when I was in El Paso for the weekend. Once we crossed into New Mexico I strapped on the Serpa II and the 1911 with an extra 2 mags on my weak side. Needless to say, when we got to Ruidoso I was pretty scared when I first stepped out of the car. I think the fact that I was with a group of people helped ease my nerves and I was fairly comfortable after a few minutes. We were on the main street and we went in several stores and looked around for a couple of hours. There were no swat teams that came and proned me out on the pavement, and no mass panic and rioting in the streets. Other than a few double takes, most people didn't even notice and it was a non-event which I am thankful for. The only thing I wish could've gone differently is for someone to have asked me about my gun so I could educate some sheeple I will be visiting Colorado City soon where I look forward to OC'ing again. My experience was very confidence boosting and has given me more reason to keep fighting for our right to open carry here in the Lone Star state!


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    Ianmtx - please post this story over on the TCDL forum at

    That's great! All the TCDL members need to read this!

    Gary Williams

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