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Thread: VA-ALERT: YES! Gun show bill DEFEATED!

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    VA-ALERT: YES! Gun show bill DEFEATED!

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    From: Philip Van Cleave
    Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 6:24 PM
    Subject: VA-ALERT: YES! Gun show bill DEFEATED!

    Senator Marsh's attempt to strip away the private sales of guns at gun
    shows was crushed in the Senate Courts of Justice committee this
    afternoon when SB 109 was defeated!

    Senator Deeds offered an amendment that would have exempted concealed
    handgun permit holders and would have exempted parking lots that
    weren't part of the leased property for the gun show. That amendment
    still left huge problems and none of the gun organizations supported
    his amendment.

    Senator Marsh was madder than a wet hen when he realized that his bill
    was dead for the year.

    Senator Stolle suggested that the bill be referred to the Crime
    Commission for further "study." Hopefully they will study it into

    The following Senators need to be recognized for their pro-gun votes
    on SB 109:

    Stolle, Quayle, Norment, Edwards, Reynolds, Cuccinelli,
    Obenshain, McDougle, Hurt

    The following Senators vote anti-gun:

    Deeds, Saslaw, Howell, Lucas, Puller, Marsh

    Of note: Senator Deeds, who claims to be pro-gun, voted ANTI-GUN.
    His two fellow pro-gun Democrats, Edwards and Reynolds, were under the
    same pressure from the Governor, but Edwards and Reynolds stood tall
    and didn't cave in!


    On another issue, the House voted overwhelmingly to NOT ban guns on
    the Capitol grounds!

    House rejects Capitol gun restriction

    Associated Press - January 23, 2008 1:05 PM ET

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The House of Delegates overwhelmingly rejected a
    proposal Wednesday to restrict the possession of guns at the Virginia

    The House voted 77-18 to reject Delegate Lionel Spruill's proposed
    change in House rules. The rule would have prohibited guns only in
    areas of Capitol Square controlled by the House, which has no say over
    space controlled by the Senate.

    House Republican Leader Morgan Griffith said that was a major flaw in
    the proposal. He also said that while the proposal exempted police
    officers, visiting dignitaries would be unable to bring their armed

    Spruill said some citizens visiting the Capitol earlier this week felt
    unsafe because gun-rights activists were on the grounds carrying their
    firearms. [PVC: Well, Delegate Spruill, everyone else felt a lot
    safer with all those lawfully carried guns around them!]


    Here is a Daily Press article on the gun-control bills that got killed

    Gun-control bills killed in Senate
    A similar proposal faces even stronger opposition in a House committee.
    By Kimball Payne kpayne

    January 23, 2008


    Last November, lawmakers and political insiders incessantly wondered
    how the General Assembly would change with Democrats in control of the

    Tuesday demonstrated that not much has changed, when a Senate panel
    killed a handful of gun-control proposals 10-5, almost the same margin
    as last year.

    Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton, sponsored two restriction proposals and
    she stepped to the podium to defend them shortly after another
    gun-control bill died. She began her pitch with a realistic tone: "I
    suffer from no delusions."

    One of Locke's bills would allow cities and counties to ban firearms
    from libraries and the other would keep gun owners from bringing
    weapons to outdoor festivals and carnivals. Locke noted that libraries
    ban knives, bats and other weapons, but do not have the power to stop
    gun owners.

    "Libraries are safe havens for children, senior citizens and
    families," Locke said. "A gun in an urban community like Newport News
    is very different from a gun in a rural area."

    The Virginia Municipal League and lobbyists for Newport News and
    Portsmouth backed Locke's proposals. But she faced tough questioning
    from Republican lawmakers and strong opposition from gun rights groups
    like the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Citizens Defense

    Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, asked if Newport News officials
    planned to put metal detectors at each library entrance.

    "Is the purpose here to make people feel safe or to make people
    actually safe?" Obenshain asked. "You think (criminals) they're really
    going to abide by an ordinance?"

    All eight Republicans on the panel voted against the bills, along with
    Democrats from Loudon and Henry counties.

    Tuesday's votes in the Senate Local Government committee help
    underscore the power of gun rights advocates in Virginia. In the wake
    of the Virginia Tech massacre last spring, many observers believed
    there would be increased pressure to tighten gun controls. But so far
    lawmakers have bucked that theory by shooting down significant changes
    in committees.

    It's familiar territory for gun control activists like Locke, who
    tried in 2005 and 2007 to outlaw guns in libraries. Neither bill could
    muster enough support to get on the Senate floor for a full debate.

    Del. Mamye BaCote, D-Newport News, has a similar library bill, but she
    faces even tougher opposition in the House. BaCote will have to get
    her proposal past the Militia, Police and Public Safety committee,
    which is notoriously hostile to gun control legislation.

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    VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
    (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
    dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
    Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

    VCDL web page:
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