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Thread: Governor Kaine's "Ask the Governor" call in

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    If you have any questions for our governor ...

    Tuesday, January 29

    WTOP’s “Ask the Governor.” [/b]Governor Kaine will be a guest on “Ask the Governor,” a monthly call-in program on WTOP.

    When: [/b]10:00 a.m.

    Where: [/b]103.5 FM or 820 AM in the Washington, D.C., metro area or online at ]][/url].

    size=Thursday, January 31

    WRVA’s “Ask the Governor.” [/b]Governor Kaine will be the guest on “Ask the Governor,” a monthly program on WRVA and the Virginia News Network.

    When: ][/b]9:00 a.m.

    Where: [/b]1140 AM in the Richmond metro area
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    I am reasonable sure that the program is not aired live, as the two different times of broadcasting would seem to indicate. Therefore any particularly well worded challanges to his 2nd Amendment position or any real attempt to debate him on our principles of self-defense et cetera would probably be deleted/not aired.

    Basically what I heard before on this show has been a chorographed opportunity for our Gov. to push his agenda.

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    I figured that went without saying.

    You REALLY think Kaine's going to put himself in a position to look bad? :X
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    I believe it is aired live and is two different appearances. Jimmy Barret does the interview on WRVA. After last April he took a lot of calls from people pushing to allow students to carry on campus.

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