A 17-year-old girl attending Turtle Lake High School was subdued by police Jan. 11 on school grounds by use of an electronic restraining device after she allegedly punched one of her peers several times.

Charges of misdemeanor battery, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct were filed Jan. 14 against Ashley K. Tielbur of Turtle Lake.

According to the criminal complaint:
An officer was dispatched to the school Jan. 11 to meet with principal Wayne Olson in regard to a classroom fight that had taken place between two students.

Witnesses said that Tielbur had been bickering with a 13-year-old boy. After a heated verbal exchange, Tielbur allegedly got up, pushed the boy off his chair and started punching the boy in the face. The 13-year-old ducked under a computer table, but a witness said that Tielbur continued to hit him.

The responding officer met with Tielbur in the principal's office where she allegedly said she hit the boy because he had said something to her about being raped.

The officer told the 17-year-old to wait while he spoke with the boy next, but Tielbur refused to wait and said she was getting on the bus.

The officer eventually told the girl she was under arrest for disorderly conduct and tried to place her under arrest, but she resisted by not letting him handcuff her. Tielbur then crawled under some computer equipment before she was "tazed" twice and could be restrained.

Tielbur entered a plea of not guilty at her initial appearance before Judge Tim Doyle last week, and she was released on a $500 signature bond. A Feb. 27 court date has been scheduled.