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Thread: Armed 13-Year-Old Girl (tries to) Robs Burger King

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    Armed 13-Year-Old Girl Robs Burger King

    Posted on Jan 16, 2008 - 7:29pm by Eric Cumberworth

    In Tampa, Florida, a 13-year-old girl robbed a Burger King Restaurant at knife point! Fresh out of Juvenile Detention, the girl only made one demand: “Give me a F cheesburger now!” After chasing an employee into the kitchen with the blade in hand, she was subdued by other employees until the police arrive.

    She explained to investigators that she was hungry and wanted a burger. Instead of a burger, this young girl is back in JAC with charges of armed burglary, armed robbery, and violation of home detention.
    Original story:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kendo_Bunny
    Someone needs to find a picture of this girl and slap 'I CAN HAZ CHEEZEBURGER!?' on it
    (In reference to" )
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    Outlaw knives - if it only it saves one child! :?

    Bet she won't go hungry now though.

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    this looks like it was one girl who was already institutionalized and needed to get back inside for her own well being. sad, really.

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