If you're aregistered Republican andwant to participate in the delegate selection process, e-mail

brian.gentry -AT- ronpaul2008.com

He's the guy organizing the effort in Alexandria and if you don't live in Alexandria, may be able to help you find your local people. If you're signed up to receive e-mails from RonPaul2008.com (which you should do immediately if you haven't already), you may have already gotten the notice.

Your job is to file a form to be a delegate for the convention that will be held locally to select 3 delegates to the national convention (with 33 being chosen in this method from Virginia). If you don't want to do that, you can still show up and vote for the Ron Paul-friendly delegate candidates running during what's called the "canvass." A little confusing? Yeah. Brian Gentry (e-mail above) will tell you everything you need to do.

We're moving towards a brokered convention, where the delegates will decide the nominee. We need those delegates to be solid conservatives.