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Thread: Rule of Law Gets No Respect from Ed “Soprano” Rendell

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    Pay particular attention about halfway down where they discuss firearm laws in Philly.

    During adiscussion aboutthe impact of the new “drink tax” in Allegheny County on a talk radio show in Pittsburgh, the governor of Pennsylvania endorsed a “selective enforcement” of the tax.

    “Selective enforcement,” is the arbitrary decision to collect the tax from one restaurant owner and not the other.The governor even agreed that his practice of selective enforcement could be described as, “you look the other way.”

    Each individual who is elected to a public office at the state or local level of our government has the primary responsibility to uphold and defend our state and federal constitutions. The common theme in our constitutions is that government’s role is to promote justice in our society by protecting the life, liberty and property of each individual.

    The rule of law dictates that no one is above the law, and that the government must enforce the law uniformly. The constitutions of our state and nation do not allow for arbitrary enforcement of our law.

    Governor Rendell has displayed his arrogance and disrespect for the rule of law and the people in the past, as he unlawfully and recklessly traveled the Pennsylvania turnpike at 100 mph. Now once again, he provides the people of Pennsylvania with a tip of the iceberg view of his disregard for the rule of law. The governor's attitude of extracting tax dollars from one business over another via completely arbitrary, selective enforcement fits better with a scene from the “Sopranos” mafia-inspired television series rather than state government.

    He is not alone in his outward contempt for the rule of law and the people. Last week, the newly elected mayor of Philadelphia announced that he is ready to sign and enforce city ordinancesthat would beillegal under state law. The new mayor announced that he would sign and enforce new gun control ordinances thathave been introduced by two Philadelphia city council members.

    State law very clearly prohibits local municipalities from enacting these types ofgun control laws. The state law prohibiting these types of local government gun control laws has also been upheld in a 1996 Pennsylvania court decision.

    The actions of the governor and his newly elected Philadelphia mayor further expose their leftist belief system. Their actions are allowed in a totalitarian form of government. Their actions are conducive with the lamentations of the federal judge and wife of Rendell who recently endorsed the idea of replacing our Constitutional checks and balances with a “benevolent dictator.” Their actions are not befitting anyone who serves in elected office.

    I expect to hear the governor deliver his annual budget address before the Pennsylvania Legislature in early February 2008.Based on the past liberal actions of the governor and his leftist belief system, I expect him to reveal a budget that will continue to confiscate the income from one to give to another through increased spending, excessive taxation and burdensome debt.

    I will continue to battle in Harrisburg to protect taxpayers.

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    And what's wrong with the "Soprano" way of doing things?


    Kidding aside, this guy sounds like a real idiot with contempt for the people. Is that a crime? Yet? Soon? Please?

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