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Thread: HB1007--anyone heard of it?

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    There was an editorial in the local paper here concerning HB1007. Supposedly this bill would not only close VA's data mine on all of its citizens at the Fusion Intelligence Center from FOIA but also makes it a crime for any of its information to be released. Makes me wonder about exactly what they are hiding.
    The editorial mentioned that any one could submit information on any one to the Law and it could be added to the system. I gather that this was one of those BS 'it is for your safety against terrorism' creations.
    The bill also makes it a crime for any one to submit incorrect data, however if you can't see what they have on you how can you prove it? hmmmm
    While this is not directly gun related it has the nasty capability to become a gun owners worst nightmare.
    It is a small news paper and there is no link to the article online. I will scan and post it if people want.
    I knew the ferderalies were running these Gestapo programs but not the state.

    Has any one else heard of it? It does appear to be a bill that requires a quick death…now.

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    roscoe13 wrote: Especially see

    C. This section shall not provide immunity for those disclosing or furnishing false information with malice or willful intent to injure any person.

    D. This section does not abrogate or modify in any way common law or statutory privilege or immunity heretofore enjoyed by any person or entity.
    Time to adjust the fit of the tinfoil hat. Everything is going to be OK.

    stay safe.


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    The FOIA exemptions are troublesome allows fed agencies to use Virginia as an off shore haven to avoid compliance with federal privacy law.

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    Um, what?
    Why open carry? Because 1911 > 911.

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