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    Does anyone know what the regulations are for CC on Hatteras beach? Would the National Park service be the regulators of a national seashore, such as a national park, or is it a state thing? The next question would be if NC allows carry in a park or forestof any sort. State or otherwise. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a national park. A firearm must be in your vehicle disassembled (magazine out for a semi-auto, cylinder off for a revolver) and locked up in a case out of reach. Local governments can post local parks against firearms so if there are no signs you may carry there. National forests follow state laws so as long as you are not on gameland, you may carry in a national forest. If you are on gameland allyou can carry is a .22 pistol with a less than 7.5 inch barrel. I'm not quite sure about state parks so maybe someone else can help you out with that. Hope this helps.

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