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Thread: A courtesy card for those who disarm their (former) patrons

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    Leave this card with your local merchants who post “No Firearms” signs instead of your money!

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    I would like it better if it simply said "lawful carry" instead of concealed carry. No guns allowed signs while posted at a few places really aren't a huge issue in Washington. OC'rs get more grief here than anything else. Great card though!


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    Good card...BUT!
    I think the word layout is a bit misleading. Lets look at this realistically: Typical story, legally armed citizen goes to X dept store or Y supermarket to buy some diapers. Employee see's the sidearm and summons Mr Douchecanoe the manager. He tells you it's against store policy, you have to leave, yadda yadda yadda....

    You flip him this card and here's whats going to happen: He's too distracted by getting you and your "evil device of social corruption and malice" out of his store to really look at it. If you're lucky, he might take a split second to glance at it before dropping onto the floor or nearest wastebin.
    What he will see in that split second will make or break how it recieved. The largest words on the card are, in order: Gunbans, Armed!, Reduces Crime! and then: Firearms Ban, Criminals, "No guns" sign, I Will, Thank you.
    My first glance (and that of my wifes) was that it was a card supporting gun free zones. Now this might be strange being that an armed person gave it, but, folks in a hurry or under duress will only scan and pick out glaring words or phrases. I don't think this card really helps our cause. It is better suited to be handing out to folks on the street that aren't stressed or under duress trying to get a legally armed citizen out of the AO. This card would work when giving it to a store manager BEFORE he sees your sidearm or has been alerted to it.

    Being from CO and a supporter of, I submit the following card that is printed and distributed by Rocky Mtn Gun Owners (CYA, heh heh):

    If anyone has similar cards or ideas, I'm sure we'd all like to see them!

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