VA-ALERT: Legislative Update #1 2/4/08 Urgent Action Items

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Subject: VA-ALERT: Legislative Update #1 2/4/08 Urgent Action Items

NOTE: Be sure to do the Action Items at the end of this alert!


***Closing the Concealed Handgun Permit List from dissemination***

All of the bills in committee have a problem: they do NOT close
getting CHP information directly from circuit courts.

That is exactly what the Fredericksburg Freelance-Star has been doing
to get the personal information of CHP holders in the Fredericksburg
area in order to print the names and address of new permit holders.

I explained the problem and included a handout showing what the
Freelance-Star is doing.

Senator Cuccinelli tried to amend the bill to fix the problem, but the
committee voted down the proposed amended language.

While VCDL did not oppose any of the bills, we did want the CHP holder
information at the circuit court level to be protected.

SB 759, Senator Ruff's bill, and SB 730, Senator Smith's bill, were
rolled into Senator Houck's SB 529 and conformed (made identical to
Houck's bill.

Senator Cuccinelli's bill, SB 332, which allowed CHP holders to "opt-
out" of having their names and address released, was defeated.

The two surviving CHP list bills only partially protect the CHP list
from publication -- SB 529 (Senator Houck) and HB 982 (Delegate Nutter)

So let's be clear, if you think your data is being protected by either
of these two remaining bills, you would be wrong,

We will try again, see Action Items at the end of this alert.

*** OOPS - A bad bill slips through ***

We need to immediately oppose anti-gun Senator Ticer's bill SB 764.
This bill, which had slipped under our radar, prevents CHP holders who
have been victims of domestic violence from being able to use a
fictitious address assigned by the Attorney General.

Apparently, Senator Ticer isn't concerned about the safety of victims
of sexual or domestic violence who decide to get a concealed handgun
permit. She must believe that a dead victim is preferable to a live
ex-victim with a gun

Unfortunately the bill has reported out of committee and we will have
to kill it on the Senate Floor OR in the House.

See Action Items at the end of this alert.

*** Guns in locked containers ***

SB 436, Senator Vogel's bill to allow non-CHP holders to have a loaded
gun in a locked container or compartment in a vehicle or boat, was not
heard today and should be heard on Wednesday. This gives us more time
to push to get the LOCKED provision dropped, allowing loaded guns in
closed containers or compartments.

See Action Items at the end of the alert.


*** Castle Doctrine Bill ***

Good news! HB 710, Delegate Janis' "Castle Doctrine" bill, passed out
of committee by a 17 to 4 vote and is on its way to the House Floor!

*** Arrest for misdemeanors at will of officer ***

HB 436, Delegate Jackson Miller's bill that would allow police to
arrest someone at will for a class 1 or class 2 misdemeanor, passed
out of committee by 19 to 2. The bill now goes to the Floor where we
will continue to fight it,

*** Mental health ***

I've now been here 12 hours and counting. The items below are
critical and I will report on what happens to Delegate Albo's HB 815



We need to urge the Senate to keep circuit courts from releasing the
personal information of CHP holders!

To send a pre-written message to your Senator, click here:

To send a pre-written message to your Delegate, click here:


We need to ask the Senate to kiill SB 764, which leaves CHP holders
who are victims of domestic abuse in a vulnerable position.


Let's ask that the Senate remove the LOCKED provision out of Senator
Vogel's SB 436, if you haven't done so previously:

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