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    Republican Leadership Stymies Virginia Right To Self Defense
    -- Pro-gun Delegate seeking discharge petition

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    It is often said that the best defense is a good offense.

    And since the politicians in Richmond seem determined to "do
    something" in response to the VA Tech shootings, it makes sense to
    GOA that doing something should take the form of making it easier for
    law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and others when confronted
    with deranged individuals.

    The Republican political bosses in the legislature can't seem to
    understand that, though. Or maybe that's not truly fair to say... it
    is much more likely that they DO understand the value of
    self-defense, but are too wimpy to put that truth into action.

    In other words, it seems they don't care if you die, as long as they
    aren't being castigated by the liberal press for being too pro-gun.
    They seem to think that being painted in such a manner might cost
    them seats in the next election -- even though it has been proven
    time and again that gun control is a losing political strategy,
    especially in a state such as Virginia.

    And the one person who is desperately trying to keep self-defense in
    the Commonwealth from advancing is Speaker of the House William
    Howell (R-28; is his e-mail address).

    At issue is pro-gun Del. Bob Marshall's campus carry bill, HB 424.
    Several states are currently considering such bills, because
    self-defense WORKS. And as campus carry bills go, HB 424 is actually
    one of the least controversial. (You can read this short and concise
    bill at on
    the legislature's website.) It's a "faculty" carry bill that doesn't
    address the issue of students carrying at all, and only applies to
    those faculty members who have a valid carry permit. Of course, GOA
    would much prefer that ANY law-abiding citizen not be restricted from
    carrying anywhere they go, but at least HB 424 is a solid step in the
    right direction. It adds no new restrictions to current law and could
    very well save lives in the future.

    Not that Speaker Howell cares one whit about saving lives. In fact,
    insiders report that he not only doesn't want the bill to pass, he is
    actively working to block it completely!

    HB 424 is currently in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety
    Committee. Sources indicate that Speaker Howell has instructed the
    committee to make sure the bill dies -- to not even give it a
    hearing, much less a vote. He wants it to go away entirely. And at
    least in the committee, he will probably get his way!

    But Bob Marshall is pro-gun and more than willing to buck his party's
    leadership to advance gun rights in Virginia. He understands that
    self-defense is far more important than partisan politics.

    He also knows that, while the Speaker is undoubtedly the most
    powerful member of the House, he is NOT an omnipotent monarch. The
    rules of the legislature take into account that a recalcitrant
    Speaker might look to thwart the will of the People, and a remedy is

    That remedy is known as a discharge petition. Basically, if enough
    delegates demand that a bill be brought for a vote on the floor of
    the House, the vote must take place -- regardless of whether the
    Speaker, a given committee, or any other entity would prefer

    Marshall is determined that his campus carry bill be given an
    opportunity to advance, and has laudably committed himself to the
    extraordinary step of seeking a discharge petition. That can be a
    very lonely road to walk... UNLESS a number of other delegates look
    around and say "Hey, he's right, I'll join with him."

    And that's where you come in.

    Even if you do nothing else at all in this legislative session to
    support Virginia gun rights, PLEASE urge your delegate to support Bob
    Marshall's discharge effort on HB 424.

    And it's not enough that your delegate assure you he or she will
    "vote for" the bill given the chance -- he or she must ACTIVELY
    support the discharge procedure in order to force that vote in the
    first place.

    So please, take action right away after you finish reading. Then,
    tell every pro-gun Virginian you can what is happening and encourage
    them to act as well.

    Taking action is simple enough: drop your delegate an e-mail message.
    You'll even find some suggested text below that you can copy and
    paste into your message to make it that much easier.

    To identify who your delegate happens to be and to obtain an e-mail
    address for him or her is equally simple, thanks to the power of the

    You can look up your delegate at:

    Once you know who you are dealing with, go to:
    and click on the name to obtain an e-mail link.


    ----- Suggested text to copy/paste into an e-mail or fax -----

    Dear Delegate,

    I am very disturbed that Speaker Howell has refused to allow Del.
    Marshall's self-defense bill, HB 424, to even be considered in

    As recent events in Colorado have shown, self-defense WORKS. An armed
    responsible adult can single-handedly stop a deranged individual from
    killing dozens.

    Happily, Bob Marshall understands that self-defense is more important
    than partisan politics, and is seeking to discharge the bill -- no
    matter what others in his party might prefer.

    Certainly you aren't against the concept of lawful self-defense, are
    you? And even if you do think you have justifiable reasons for putting
    my life at risk, shouldn't the legislation at least be considered on
    its merits?

    Please ACTIVELY work to support Del. Marshall's effort to discharge
    HB 424. And that means saying you will support the bill "if given a
    chance to vote for it" simply is not enough... I respectfully request
    that you do everything in your legislative power to force that vote.



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    "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good." - George Washington

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    Granted, HB 424 allows faculty members to carry, but doesn't HB 1371 allow everybody to carry, including students? Why have I heard pretty much nothing about this in the past weeks? Seems like one of the most important bills out there.

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    So, I sent an email to my Delegate, Jackson Miller urging him to support Marshall's discharge efforts. I did not use the form letter sent out by GOA, but personalized it since Jackson and I have gotten to know each other and have spoken with one another on multiple occassions.

    Here is his response to my email:
    I appreciate you sending me your thoughts on HB 424 (Higher educational institutions; possession of concealed handguns by faculty members).

    In serving the people of the Commonwealth it is of paramount importance to me that I hear from the citizens of our district. I value your opinion, and agree that an armed citizenry is the best way to prevent situations similar to what occurred at Virginia Tech last year.

    As always please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything further I can do to serve you better. Also, please feel free to contact my aide, Bryan Fumagalli, if he can assist in any way.

    Once again, thanks for contacting me, and please do stay in touch.

    Jackson Miller

    On the note of HB1371, It was included in several VA-ALERTS from VCDL with links to contact your legislatures on it. I did request my legislators to support this bill.

    According to LIS, it has been referred to the Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety.

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