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Thread: Para-Ord PXT1445E B

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    MFR Link:

    Interested in maybe getting one sometime soon, but would like to hear what anyone who owns or has shot one thinks.

    I Found the MFR Torture Test to be very Impressive.

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    Hope this isn't too late. I own two Para 1911 SSP ("painted" black) .45acp with a similar/identical finish as the one you linked to. I've not had major problems with function, but have not owned them very long.

    My big beef with Para's lies with their finish; the "painted" finish on my one Para began chipping before it was ever fired and I treat all my firearms as prized possessions. This is a common complaint on many Para models with a dark finish. Also, certain parts on their stainless models are prone to discoloration after minimal amounts of firing, though it may be removed with some effort.

    I expect a gun to show wear after use; for sure, my normal carry pistols and trail rifles show their 'experience'. Yet the finish issues are a serious quality defect that Para needs to address.

    Otherwise, they do seem to be good, functioning pistols, and those with more experience may be able to speak more from this perspective.

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