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    So I'm driving to work this morning, and I need to be there by a certain time. Ya know, some people have this weird thing called a schedule. So I get on this road that has a long stretch with no turn-offs, and as I come around the bend I see flashing lights. Car accident? Fire? Some other legitimate emergency? Nope, a police checkpoint at 9 o clock in the morning. I waited in that dang line of cars for 10 minutes while these cops are checking each car one at a time. I couldn't tell what they were checking for...there was still a chance it MIGHT be legitimate.

    Yeah so much for that. He walks up and asks for my driver's license. I immediately, by law, say "Ok, I'm licensed to carry a concealed handgun and have two on me." At this point I also handed him my NC State ID (not driver's license) and CHP. He said nothing more than OK!, walked back to look at my license plate, then came back to my window, handed me my things, and said "ok, you can go, have a nice day".

    WTF?! He never even SAW my driver's license. So I was late getting to work today because a cop had to just go through the motions and not evenperform the (illegal?) task he was assigned.

    Oh, and he didn't even try to match my IDphoto to my face. I have head-hair and no facial hair in my ID photo, but since thatphoto was taken I've shaved my head and grown facial hair. Plus, I was wearing a beanie and sunglasses this morning, so I look NOTHING like my ID photo.

    I'm just ticked right now...

    Oh, and the gun related part to this is that the cop didn't even bat an eyelash when I told him I was carrying TWO handguns, lol.

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    Unfortunately, the S. Ct. allows administrative highway check points, with limitations,for vehicles and their driver's. E.g., Sitz.

    However, random or arbitrary stops of vehicles, absent reasonable articulable suspicion of crime afoot, is still unconstitutional.

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    What about the Homeland security checkpoints down by the Cherokee casino ? Talk about unconditional. I know a guy that was threatened with arrest under the patriot act for filming the checkpoint. The patriot act actually gives law enforcement noadditionally power over US citizens. They just use it to try and intimidate people. Then of course there is the Date line interview where Customs is removing Feminine products during stripe/ cavity searches, for "our war on drugs". Check that out at

    The assault on our Constitution, the very fabric of our Republic, is very real.

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