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    This sort jumped out from an article about the improved security in Iraq. We allowed residents to keeps arms for self-defense. Perhaps we could point out this policy and it's success to our candidates.

    Abdul-Rahman Muhsin, a 42-year-old clothes vendor in the Fallujah market, said the turning point came when Americans began allowing residents to maintain one weapon at home.
    "This overdue measure helped the people to defend themselves," he said. "Now, whenever we see al-Qaida attacking our neighbor, we don't have stand watching from the sidelines but we can all fight al-Qaida together."

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    I'm glad we allow Iraqi civilians to have 1 AK and 60 rounds per household. Though the round count seems low to me. I mean whatever will they do if the zombies come?

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    Fight fire with fire!

    Sorry, stole this from another post... couldn't resist.

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