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Thread: Delaware State Police Tric Tics Site

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    LOL. It keeps getting more "interesting" on the internet, especially when it comes to knowing what offenders look like!

    The Tric-Tics page is a follow-up on the "threat" the Police made in January that any prostitution-related arrest would be made public (and include a photo of the person).

    And, just for the record... iiiiiieeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!

    You couldn't pay ME enough..... some nasty scary looking chicks! :shock:

    Tip: Stay away from New Castle Avenue! LOL
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    Looks like prostitution has moved from the farmers market to the strip clubs. I remember the last time they went after prostitutes it was near Hares Corner by the Farmers Market. I guess since the strip clubs moved to S Market and Rogers road the working 'girls' change their place of bussiness. Rt 9 just outside of Wilmington is busy as well. Pick up truckers near the port.

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